Refund Policy

If you expereience any issue with your kit or have question - please contact us. We value our customers and we're happy to provide expert help and assistance in order to provide a solution to any issue experieced.

As we custom manufacture kits to order, we operate a strict no returns policy inline with ACCC guidelines. Returns are authorised only under the following circumstances:

  • There is a fault or error with the item supplied that we cannot rectify for you within a reasonable timeframe
  • The item supplied is not compatible with the application we specifically advertise it for
  • The item supplied differs substantially from our description or specifics we advertise

We regret that we cannot allow a return for reasons outside of our control such as:

  • Change of heart / circumstances or ordering error / mistake
  • Any fault caused by an installation error, misuse or other external factors beyond our control
  • A fault or error that is able to be rectitifed within a reasonable timeframe